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Welcome to the inaugural issue of the One Byte Blog!  From time to time I’ll send along a 60-second “skinny” on something that I think is interesting to small business technology users. In that quick preview you should be able to decide:

  1. Wow, cool! I have to do this! (read more now)
  2. Ok that’s interesting. (file for later)
  3. Meh. (delete this spam)

We’ll talk about new things that might make your business run better, security issues, stuff that’s just neat, and anything else that will help you be more successful.

My goal is to provide you with something useful for your business without taking up much of your time.  Small business owners juggle thousands of tasks, are constantly challenged to find better and more cost-effective ways to serve their clients, and never have enough time to do it all.  I’m hoping this will help you cut to the chase.

Most posts will have a link to a longer article by someone who writes a lot better than I, so if you think this is the killer idea your business needs you can read more.  Hopefully, my 60 second synopsis will let you make that decision quickly and move on with your day.

Why is it called the “One Byte Blog”?  Well, I have a long geeky past that I have to work in here somewhere.  One byte can hold a number from 0 to 255 and the average adult reads about 250 words per minute.  One byte.  One minute.  That’s it.

255. On the dot.

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