Windows 10: should you jump in?

Posted on Sep 6, 2015 | 3 comments

Cool sneakers

Microsoft Windows 10 launched July 29 and you may already have a geeky friend who has bragged about their awesome new Windows 10 computer.  If you feel like the only one in junior high without the cool new sneakers then here’s some consolation.

Windows 10 is what we’ll be recommending… next year.  But  businesses should hold off on installing it, and here’s why.

Other than being shiny and new, there’s nothing in Windows 10 that is a game-changer that will move businesses forward, and there are some negatives to consider: peripherals and privacy.

Peripherals take a while to catch up to every new operating system.  Printers won’t have Windows 10 drivers  and many software applications are not “Windows 10 ready.” Unless you’re planning to buy all new printers, scanners, and software: WAIT.

The bigger reason to wait is  Privacy.  The gee whiz features of Windows 10 are Cortana, a Siri-like personal assistant, and Wi-Fi Sense, which tries to keep you always connected.  Both require a lot of personal information to work and, by default, all of that info is shared with Microsoft (and all their friends).  Opting OUT is not intuitive or easy and we’re still learning about it.  Until you can adequately protect your privacy, you should wait.

Without a business imperative to change, the first year of Windows 10 will be more pain than gain.  

Windows 7 Professional is still the gold standard for business, and it will be supported until 2020.

Those old sneakers are cooler than you think.

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  1. If this isn’t one of the most useful reports I’ve ever read, I’d like to know what is. (Why is the L always a capital letter? I can’t make it a small letter. Is your page here doing this?) Aside from that, it’s a useful report, and many thanks.

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  2. I’m about as non-geekie as it’s possible to be and still be a human being, but I found this fascinating. I’m so no- geekie that I didn’t know the request to leave my computer on at night had further information. Wow. Be sure to stay in business for as long as I’m alive. Thank you. Liz Thomas

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  3. Well, I’ve updated my computer from Windows 8.1 Core to Windows 10 Pro.
    Got a lot of help from the folks at Sequoya. Lots of little bumps in the road but all seems to be working good. When set up properly, It seems to be very secure.
    Can’t update software or download software without admin level access.
    Still have one little bug on startup with a window asking me to restart my computer now or later. They I.T. guys are working on that.

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