AutoElevate Announcement

Great news! Sequoya is making it easier and safer for you to install software!

As part of our continuing effort to make technology easier to use and more secure, we will soon begin deploying a new remote management tool to your workstation. AutoElevate makes it easier for you to safely install the applications you need without requesting or memorizing administrator passwords.

Here’s how it works:

Sequoya will vet a list of approved, secure applications which will automatically be granted administrator access Instead of being prompted for administrator credentials, the application will run automatically without the need to enter an administrator name or password

AutoElevate provides better security by allowing known, safe applications while blocking the installation of dangerous or untrusted applications.

If the installation of an unapproved application is initiated, AutoElevate instantly checks the application against 60+ virus databases and sends a real-time notification to our technicians so that they can review it. If the application is safe to use, the installation can be approved immediately. If there is a potential security risk or it’s of unknown origin, Sequoya can cancel the installation and contact you for more information.

If none of our technicians are available to review the installation request within 60 seconds, AutoElevate will automatically generate a service ticket on your behalf. If the request is approved at a later time, the installation will run automatically on your workstation.

Our goal is to improve the quality of the service we provide by reducing the number of steps between you and the software you need to work, while also keeping your network secure. That’s why we’re adding this new feature at no additional charge. Sequoya recognizes that memorizing or resetting the administrator password for every application installation is cumbersome, and we hope this new feature makes your work easier, and safer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sequoya’s account management team at (603) 924-7977 x2.

Sequoya Technologies Group